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Creating Mindful Moments Every Day

Everyone is talking about being mindful and intentional lately. In new release books, on NPR and in every other podcast, staying mindful is on everyone’s mind in our distracting digital age.

Now, there are those who naturally find quiet by being alone, who enjoy time and space to think and find their zen in yoga. And then there are those who get high on being busy, who can’t sit still for a formal dinner and are more likely to find their rhythm on a run than in downward dog.

Entrepreneurs typically fall in the latter category. Driven by passion for an idea that is our own, it’s hard to stop and take stock. But thinking is what got us here in the first place, and it’s also what ensures we keep moving in the right direction – in both our careers and in life.

How I Hope to Stay Focused

This is why on the same day that I launched Sparkr Marketing, I began my own plan to stay intentional throughout the busy days. I start in the morning by writing BE MINDFUL at the top of a page in my journal, followed by my 3-5 most important tasks for that day. Typically, this is a mix of work and family life. Then, I schedule those tasks into my calendar as if they are a meeting. And then for that one hour, I attempt to focus solely on that one task.

So far, it’s working. By the end of the day, I can look at the list, and on most days I’ve done what I set out to do. I feel less harried while I’m doing it too. I also feel less of a pull to work when I’m focused on my family and less guilty working when my kids are around.

Tell me what keeps you focused and intentional throughout your day? Share this post with a tip on what works for you.

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