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Moving on after 12 years

Like every graduation season, we’re preparing to send off the senior class of Ida Crown Jewish Academy. As communications director there, it’s my job to salute the seniors and their accomplishments across all our digital and print media.

Except this year, I’m graduating too.

After 12 years working part time in the private high school, this year will be my last. I’ve pursued my marketing business over the past eight years, joining many workers today in the “gig economy.” The balance has worked for the most part—offering me both part time job stability and the freedom to pursue my business. It’s time to move on.

Like anyone graduating this season, I’m excited and hopeful for the future while reflecting on the past. I couldn’t be more grateful for my colleagues and for all that I learned at ICJA.

I joined the administration fresh out of JUF News, eager to diversify my work beyond writing and editing and ready to work closer to home. Like everyone working in communications in 2007, I had no idea just how diversified my work would become.

At the time:

  1. Marketing was almost exclusively print

  2. Ads were in newspapers and magazines

  3. Facebook was in its infancy

  4. Websites were virtual phonebooks

  5. Organizational email campaigns were unsophisticated

I started my job at the cusp of the digital marketing revolution (or at least it felt like a revolution to those of us in the trenches). I couldn’t have been in a better position to sort it all out.

Backed by a boss with high expectations and a willingness to support my professional growth, my job in communications co-evolved with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Over the last 12 years of marketing in admissions, development and even a capital campaign, I:

  1. Created the school logo and style guide

  2. Launched two websites, maintained on WordPress

  3. Launched a weekly e-newletter with targeted emails campaigns

  4. Launched a Facebook page back when it was easy build followers (and reach them) just by slapping up a photo, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

  5. Produced videos as the most potent form of our digital communication strategy

I’m leaving ICJA in a good position to continue forward in the fast-paced, ever-changing digital marketing age. I have no doubt they’ll continue to forge ahead as a leader in private school marketing. As a parent in the school and no longer an employee, I plan to be among their biggest cheerleaders.

Beginning this summer I’ll be working at Sparkr Marketing full time.


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