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Why my competition is part of my tribe

You don’t have to know much about small businesses or nonprofit organizations to understand that a lack of competition is a formula for mediocrity. On the other hand, healthy competition – even when it can be scary – raises the bar for everyone.

I would even argue that when we 🎉 C E LE B R A T E 🎉 our competition, we lift one another up with that proverbial bar. This is why I will regularly recommend others I know in my field who do similar work as me. This can be as simple as “liking” a LinkedIn blog post of a colleague in my field.

There are so many times that I am tagged in local Facebook groups where a small business owner asks for marketing recommendations. So are other women I know in my field. And with no hesitation, I click “like” on all the posts when I see it. For me, it’s a small gesture of sisterhood. Sure, if it’s a gig that would suit me, I’ll reach out in private messages. But, whether the business owner gets back to me or another small business marketing agency in my area is ultimately not up to me anyway. So, why not root for another bright, hardworking entrepreneur I know?

I learned this lesson 15 years ago from my window installer. He had come to us after I called Diamond Windows in my area. But his business card had his own busin