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4 powerful ways to recycle your healthcare content and amplify your message in 2023

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Repurposing your healthcare content in new ways saves your team time and reinforces your message for your audience.

A lot of marketing communications teams operate as if they're sitting down with their ideal audience over coffee. We create content with a "one and done" attitude, as if our audience pays attention the first time we cover a topic.

Reality is that our audience is at best scanning at your content while in line at Target. At worst, they're not seeing it at all.

Marketers like to cite the "rule of 7" as a reminder that it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place. Note that the rule of seven is likely more myth than actual research. But the adage applies in general – your audience needs multiple reminders before taking action.

This is why recycling your content benefits your organization and your audience. It allows you to amplify your content, saves you time and gives your audience another chance to access the information they need.

Below are four powerful ways to repurpose your existing healthcare content into new forms of content in 2023.

Repurpose social media posts into blogs

Social media marketers regularly repurpose content by taking old posts and refreshing them into new ones. But that content can be turned into other forms of content as well.

The robust analytics in social media and in scheduling tools are chock full of information about what resonates with your audience. A post that performs particularly well is a good indication of what interests your audience.

Consider expanding on that content to create a blog. If it's a long social media post, you might even be able to use some of the actual wording in a blog.

Mine your raw video footage for content

Most marketing communications teams are sitting on a gold mine of content they haven’t touched. A two-minute polished video for your website or social media may have been created from many more minutes of raw video footage. While the most salient parts made it into the final cut, there's plenty of material for blogs and feature articles that got left on the cutting floor.

Videos from your subject matter experts who presented lectures or any other presentations can be repurposed into marketing content as well. A dry presentation on research can become a powerful feature article when you add in the story of what drives the research and the patients who will benefit.

In research from Content Marketing Institute, only 12 percent of content marketers say their organization uses existing videos to their full potential. Nearly a quarter (22 percent) say they have a long way to go before they can do that.

Content marketing videos for healthcare

Consider getting a transcript of the interview footage from videos you created in 2022. From that you can create multiple new pieces of content, including:

  • Blogs

  • Social media posts

  • Thought leadership quotes for social media or even for print collateral

  • Short form videos

  • Brand journalism feature articles

  • and more

Any blogs or feature articles you produce can have the video on the page to support more views.

Don't let the quotes and stories people say about your organization die on someone's hard drive. Transcribe that footage and get writing...or hire your favorite content writer to help do it for you.

Build upon existing content to create new videos

For every blog you produced in 2022, there's a video you could create on the same topic. These can be professional videos or more casual short form videos for social media. For example, a blog on symptoms and treatment for the flu can be a video from one of your physicians explaining the same topic. That video can go out on your social media channels with a link back to the old blog. You'll get the information out to more people and get more views on the existing blog.

In that same Content Marketing Institute survey, most marketers said their video budget will increase in 2023. There's no need to build that video library up with all new topic ideas.

marketing videos for healthcare

Turn annual report data into infographics and social media posts

Any healthcare organization that's publicly traded or is a non profit is likely working hard now on producing an annual report. Those reports require hours of work to produce a magazine that goes out in the mail or is posted as a PDF on your website.

Buried within those pages are stories and stats that can be recycled into other forms of content. Infographics with this information are a key component of marketing because they help your audience understand and retain information. They also perform well and are shared often on social media.

People follow directions 323 percent better with a combination of text and illustration than instructions without illustrations. This makes infographics a key component of marketing for healthcare organizations who are educating their audience.

Content marketing Institute found that 65 percent of B2B teams are using infographics in their content marketing.

Here are a few more ideas of existing content that can be turned into other forms in 2023:

  1. The books, white papers, case studies and articles you’ve already written are a great source for new content. Take what you have, break it down so that it’s web-friendly and reuse it.

  2. Update old blogs. Change the text to make your content relevant for today and then update the date. Add any new research or information since you last published the post.

  3. Turn your podcast show notes into a blog. If you write thorough show notes, you can pull that into a blog by adding more of the details you cover in your podcast.

Repeat yourself. And then do it again.

In every industry, and especially in healthcare, the digital space is diluted. Your audience is inundated with information overload, so you will need to make your key points over and over. If you don’t feel like a broken record, you aren’t repeating yourself enough!

Let's talk if you need help reaching your content goals for 2023.

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