Recycle your content to amplify your message

When you are a thought leader in your field, there is always more content you need to create in a limited amount of time. This is why you should recycle your content.

  1. You are an expert in your field

  2. You have big dreams of making an impact.

  3. You have bold ideas on how to improve the way things have always been done in your field.

  4. You’re busy in the trenches getting it done. But there’s never enough time.

This blog offers you 4 ways to create more content with less hassle and time

Recycle your content to amplify your message

This will make creating more content

So. Much. Easier.

Yes, Please!

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Start by batching your content

Setting aside time in your busy schedule to batch content is key to getting it done. This might seem counterintuitive because you are likely already way too busy. But the fastest way to recycle your content in order to create more content in less time is to work in bulk. If you are creating content for a few minutes here and there throughout the week, you are likely already spending at least an hour on digital media and getting less done in that amount of time.

set aside time for content batching

Set aside one hour every week when you are focused solely on content. Put it in your calendar and turn off your notifications at that time. Take this time slot seriously, the way you would with a meeting.

Have a running list of content ideas that you can create and old content you can recycle in a notebook or on your phone so that you always have a plan for this hour.

Use a social media scheduler

A social media scheduler lets you schedule all the content you create in bulk, so you don’t get sucked into social media when you don’t have time.

Here is a comparison of the two I like, Hootsuite vs. Smarterqueue: *Note, the Smarterqueue link is an affiliate link

HOOTSUITESMARTERQUEUEPROS>> Easy to learn Excellent customer service Well established Strong analytics featuresEasy to set up evergreen content to repost with small changes Pause cue button is easy and usefulCONS>> Some plans are more expensive Can’t pause all posts (like when disaster strikes and you don’t want to appear tone-deaf)It’s newer, so who knows how long it will last and they’re still working out kinks Very limited analytics

Voice typing is your best friend for recycling content

When you’re a leader on the go, you don’t have time to write lengthy blog posts regularly. But you know your field so well, that you can offer deep wisdom if you just had the time. Voice typing is fast, and you can walk around while you think.

Here are two great tools you can use for turning your thoughts into text.

On your phone: There are a bunch of apps that let you voice type, and some are free, like Google Docs, Microsoft or the iPhone Notes app. With speech-to-text you can quickly get your thoughts typed for quick drafts, outlines and notes. You can voice type whole blog posts and then edit them later or have someone else do it for you.

On your computer: Google Docs and Microsoft Word both have dictate tools. I find Microsoft Word more accurate. If you have a podcast or videos, you can play them on your computer speaker and then turn on the dictate tool. Walk away, and your computer will type for you! Of course, a site like will do this for you as well at a cost.

Repeat yourself. And then do it again.

No matter what field you’re in, the digital space is diluted. Your audience is inundated with information overload, so you will need to make your key points over and over. If you don’t feel like a broken record, you aren’t repeating yourself enough!

  1. The books, white papers, case studies and articles you’ve already written are a great source for new content. Take what you have, break it down so that it’s web-friendly and reuse it.

  2. Update old blogs. Change the text to make your content relevant for today and then update the date. Add any wisdom you’ve gained since you last write the post.

  3. Reformat the content you’ve created on podcasts and videos for a blog format. Or take your old blogs and turn that into video content. You can release the same content multiple times, in multiple ways.

  4. Turn your podcast show notes into a blog. If you write thorough show notes, you can pull that into a blog by adding more of the details you cover in your podcast.

  5. Expand on your social media posts that performed well. When something you wrote resonates with your audience, build onto it.

I’d love to hear what works for you. Leave your advice in the comments.

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