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Get past the fear and creativity kicks in

I want to tell you about a small business owner I recently met in hopes that you can help spread the word.​

Miriam Merenfeld is a talented jewelry artisan in Aventura, Florida, who reached out on LinkedIn when she saw I’m offering free half hour brainstorming coaching calls for small businesses. She needed to get her mojo back after COVID-19 hit, and we came up with ideas on how she could continue serving her audience now that everything’s has changed. We talked about pivoting her messaging to focus on how a gift right now means more than ever, as well as virtual shopping tours and how small businesses can ship faster than department stores right now.

You won’t believe what she came up with. Miriam is partnering with author and Influencer Michele Poler of @HelloFears to create necklaces as gifts for healthcare workers. Check them out

It couldn’t be more perfect. The product is stunning, the message is spot on for what we need right now and she’s helping our healthcare heroes. As someone who works in healthcare marketing, I can’t love this enough.

When you get past the FEAR, the creativity kicks in. Sometimes you just need encouragement to get back in the game.

I’m trying to do one of these calls each day, so I’d love if you could help me spread the word.

There are many businesses taking this opportunity to pivot and serve their audience well right now, and I’ve pointed out a few others in this blog.

Click here to register for a 30 minute free marketing coaching session for small business owners

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