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Build Your LinkedIn Tribe

How many times have you created a GREAT post in LinkedIn only to see it go…exactly nowhere?

I’m betting that pretty much everyone has this experience on LinkedIn pretty frequently, and it’s bound to happen even more as LinkedIn continues to gain popularity. LinkedIn has over 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users. It’s also the social channel that’s enjoyed the most longevity.

But, back to you. Let’s assume you’ve created an original post or article. I’m not talking about just sharing an article that someone else wrote. This time, you’ve thought hard about what you want to share with your network and crafted something clever, relatable, funny, educational or inspiring. It’s a message you would want to read if you saw it in your own feed.

How do increase impressions and engagement for your great content?

Here’s a trick that works on LinkedIn and really on any social channel, for that matter. It’s true for your personal profile, and it works for your organization’s page as well.

Get More Engagement on Your LinkedIn Content with 3 Easy Steps

  1. In LinkedIn messages, reach out to a few friends and colleagues, who are sharing content you think would be interesting for your network. Invite them as a group to be a part of your content sharing tribe.

  2. Then, when you or a member of your group post new content, let the group know. Obviously, this only works if you are sharing quality content your group will find relevant.

  3. Any member of the group who finds the content useful can then go to one another’s profile page to proactively share that content or comment.

It’s that simple! This shortcut ensures that a few targeted people will see your content sooner than it would have shown up in their feeds. Once a few people engage with your content, LinkedIn will recognize its significance.

That’s it!

If you’re creating great content on LinkedIn and want to join my existing group, send me a message on LinkedIn.

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