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3 Goals to Set for 2020 to Improve Your Life and Work

There’s a lot of talk this season about how to set resolutions for the New Year. Here’s why it’s worthwhile to play along: any chance to take stock of our personal lives and businesses is one we should grab. When others around us are doing it, there’s more collective energy, encouragement and enthusiasm to tap into.

The general sense of renewal that comes with January 1, especially at the start of a new decade, is one we should internalize as our own.

For me, I’m still energized by my personal new beginning that came with my rebranding of Sparkr Marketing in August. After 18 years working in communications and nearly a decade in freelance, I finally launched my own brand with big plans to scale. I partnered with a crew of talented women to support me in my dreams. With that new beginning, I took on some new daily habits that I’m still practicing four months later.

I’d say that’s a win, so I want to share this formula that’s worked for me. I’ve used this same growth formula for 20 years, since learning about it in school in Israel.