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Where to start marketing your new practice

When you first open your healthcare business or practice, marketing is overwhelming. And when you consider all the other startup tasks that come with a new practice, it’s easy to push off the marketing.

Like any other habit, the hardest part about marketing is getting started. this is all the more so true in a new practice where you have so much to do. It’s easy to push off marketing when you don’t know where to focus. And while you might find the early clients come your way from former job, marketing will still be important to continue bringing clients or patients in. Or, perhaps you’re just getting started out in a new city are out of school with big dreams. And while we’d all like to believe that if you build it they will come karma more often you have to proactively bring people to you.

Here are 6 first marketing steps you should take in the early days of a new practice.

Set up your Google business page