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Set your social media to run in the background of your practice or business

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The Clinicians Social Media Club

We help you grow your practice with our authentic social media strategy that takes less time and effort.

Learn how to do your own social media with...

  • An easy social media course

  • Fill-in-the-blank social media captions

  • Customizable Canva templates

  • 1:1 coaching call

See what you get each month for joining

Sneak peek at The Clinicians Social Media Club

We write, design, polish and optimize monthly social media captions and designs for your practice or healthcare business. All that's left for you to do is customize and post.

(**Need help on branding with Canva? Join the Club, and you'll get free access to a Canva Mini Course for Clinicians**)


20 Engaging, fill-in-the-blank social media captions from an experienced healthcare writer.

Healthcare Hashtag holidays

10-30 Healthcare hashtag holiday captions to educate and inspire your audience.


18 easy to use, Customizable Canva templates to match the captions and designed to grab your audience's attention.

1:1 support

Explainer video lessons about how to use the new templates + one 1:1 coaching call.

What else you get

Canva branding

Need help with branding and Canva? Once you join, you'll get access to our step-by-step Canva Mini Course for Clinicians.

Virtual assistant support

For an additional fee, we partner with VBS Virtual to customize our Canva templates for your brand and schedule all your social media posts. All that's left for you to do is fill in the blanks on your captions.

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Reach more people with consistent and engaging content

You have no shortage of ambition. You’ve gone out on your own to build your practice or business because you believe in yourself and your process. But as someone responsible for every part of the business, you have little time to devote to marketing. You know you shouldn’t be spending precious business hours scrolling on social media. 

You know you need social media marketing to keep your scheduling books full, but it’s overwhelming and you don’t know how to make the most of the little time you have.

Join now for $67/mo

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How The Clinicians Social Media Club helps you

Customizing our captions is easy with our fill-in-the-blank text. Think Mad Libs for social media. We spend hours on the content so you don't have to.

The key to reaching your audience and staying top if mind on social media is showing up consistently. Our captions and designs make this effortless.

Use our captions to let your voice and personality shine through your content. Your audience wants to hear from you, not a social media expert.

Marketing agencies are expensive. We spend up to 20 hours to create the content and charge you a fraction of the cost.

Say yes to...

You finally commit and get a custom content marketing plan that helps your practice grow. 

You get...

  • Confidence to be your authentic self on social media

  • Connection with your current patients and prospective ones

  • Control over how and when you use social media (can we please stop the scrolling all day?!)

  • Trust from your audience who will know you and like you

The Social Media Clinicians Club is for...

  • Mental health therapists

  • Private practice physicians

  • Occupational therapists

  • Physical therapists

  • Speech therapists

  • Midwives

  • Dietitians


We've worked with experts in all of these healthcare industries. We have you in mind when we create the captions and templates

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Meet your healthcare marketer, Wendy

Heyyy – I'm Wendy, and I geek out over online marketing. I'm a runner, total amateur guitar player and on any given night at least some of my 4 kids will tell you I'm a really good cook.

More than a decade ago, my passion for healthy living led to my dismay over health misinformation I was seeing online. I took my concerns to my kids' pediatrician, and I've been supporting healthcare experts with online marketing ever since.

I created this club to help more clinicians like you educate and support your audience on social media for less time and money. I can't wait to give you the tools and confidence to be authentic and engaging online. Let's reach your practice and business goals together.

Social media content questions you may be asking 

  • Will my social media look like everyone else's?
    Not at all! Once you customize our designs to your brand colors and elements, they look completely different. Our captions leave room for you to add your own interests and expertise like only you can do.
  • Who writes the captions?
    All of the content that we create is highly polished and professionally developed by a professional designer and writer – all directed and managed by healthcare industry expert of over 10 years, Wendy Margolin. You don't need to credit anyone for the content.
  • How long will it take to customize the captions and templates?
    You, a team member or your virtual assistant can customize and post your whole month's worth of content in only an hour or two.
  • I don't have a big following. Will this help my social media grow?
    Absolutely. Key to gaining more followers is creating better, consistent and authentic content. That’s why we created this club.
  • I'm a social media wiz! Will this still help me?
    Your expertise is all you need to customize our captions. We include a video with the Canva templates to ensure you know how to use them.
  • Isn't it better to just hire someone?
    Hiring a social media marketer is expensive, and even then it’s still better to have a hand in creating your own authentic content. If you patients or clients come to your practice because of you, then your content should include your voice as well.
  • Is this only for Facebook and Instagram?
    Nope. Our captions are perfect for all the social media channels--as long as that’s where they are. If LinkedIn or Twitter is where your audience spends time, then you can use the captions and designs there.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    We understand that making an investment in your practice is a big decision. That’s why we’ve eliminated all risk and don't require monthly members to commit to more than one month at a time.
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Luzmaria Velazquez, Essential Skills OT

Wendy give us all the tools we need to start promoting our services in a very simple way. She also encourages us to keep working and be focused on what we really want to achieve.

Amanda Gerson, ABG Speech Therapy

This was exactly what I needed. I am now able to plan my content weekly versus by the day and this has been such a time saver. By working with Wendy you’ll know that there is always someone rooting for you and cheering you on.

April Brown, Green Shelf Therapy

I'm a millennial, and I know how to use social media well, but I found that you just giving us the step by step was better because it saved me a lot more time.

Join now for $67/mo

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