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Learn LinkedIn!

Update your profile, find prospects and create content

Google yourself with a new "private browser." What comes up at the top? I'm betting it's LinkedIn.

Let's get that dusty, old profile cleaned up. Even if you don't want to use LinkedIn, you should have an updated, professional profile. 


Plus, LinkedIn users are more engaged, drive more conversions...and you can post just captions 😳 


No fancy videos or pretty Canva images necessary.

Typing on the Computer

You'll learn...

💥 How to take a great headshot with your phone

💥 How to write your headline and about section

💥 How to connect with your target audience

💥 How to create content (no photos or videos necessary!)

💥 How to comment and network

"You made a real impact on my session this morning! So, I just want to thank you and I can't wait for Thursday. I just want to keep working with you until I have everything how it needs to be. Thursday won't be our last meeting."

Hi, from your friendly healthcare marketer!

Hi! I'm Wendy!


I geek out over online marketing. I'm a runner, total amateur guitar player and on any given night at least some of my 4 kids will tell you I'm a really good cook.

More than a decade ago, my passion for healthy living led to my dismay over health misinformation I was seeing online. I took my concerns to my kids' pediatrician, and I've been supporting healthcare experts with online marketing ever since.

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Get started with LinkedIn

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