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Everyday Marketing™

Blogs | Emails | Social Media

Everyday Marketing™ is a 6-step system to make growing your practice a seamless part of your business.


Plan your content in batches. You can do this one week, month or even year at a time by developing 10-12 content themes and creating captions and images for each theme in bulk. The time you set aside to batch content saves you hours later.



Schedule content in a social media scheduler such as HootsuiteSmarterqueueLater or Facebook's native Creator Studio.



Set up a social media ambassador in your practice or business. This should be someone on your team who often has their phone out anyway (you know the one!) and is social media savvy.



Stories, primarily on Instagram but also now on Facebook and LinkedIn, allow you to move your audience along the customer sales journey. You can do this by using engagement stickers that are built into the platform. For users, these are just fun, but for businesses, engagement stickers are the beginning of a conversation.



Once someone comments on your posts or responds to an engagement sticker in your stories, you can then respond back and follow up in the direct messages. You can move your audience along to provide their email in exchange for more of your information or to even schedule a discovery call or appointment.


Lock Apps

With the endless opportunity and work on social media, locking your apps is key to predetermining how much time per day you or your team member are willing to spend on social media marketing. And it goes without saying that you should turn off your social media notifications. This step puts you back in charge of your phone.

Content marketing is our jam!

Marketing strategy

No matter how complicated your material, we break it down for your audience to promote you as a subject matter expert.


We write SEO healthcare blogs tailored to your industry, with an emphasis on story first.

Our superpower is breaking down complicated medical information into content that people actually read.

Email series and weekly emails

Connect with your audience with emails that people actually open. Whether it's an email series or a newsletter, we help you set up and deliver your message.

Social media content

We have deep knowledge and experience in healthcare social media marketing and can plan and execute your entire social media strategy.

We stay on top of social media trends so you don't have to.

Image by Nick Morrison

How we work

More content, less hassle

Healthcare marketing today is too much for any one team to handle. That's where we come in.

We integrate seamlessly into your organization to take some of the load off your plate.


Give us a project and consider it done! (as in, no flakey freelancers here)

How this works:

1. Assign a writing project of any complexity

2. We do research and interview your SMEs

3. We write and edit the project

4. We deliver on time, every time.

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Schedule a consultation. We'd love to meet you.

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