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Healthcare Hashtag Holiday Calendar 2022

Whether it’s National Celiac Disease Awareness Day, World Heart Day or Physical Therapy Month, keeping track of the healthcare hashtag holiday calendar matters to any health or wellness practice in 2022.

Of course, some of the hashtag holidays are silly and overused, but other healthcare hashtag holidays serve as important ways to raise health awareness about issues that matter. Hashtag holidays also help healthcare businesses recognize important team members and the work that they do.

When it comes to planning your 2022 healthcare content calendar for social media, I don’t suggest overusing hashtag holidays that aren’t relevant to your business. But many of these hashtag holidays are a great way to educate your audience and position yourself as an authority at the time when a healthcare topic is trending on social media.

Don’t be that boss who forgets National Nurses Week (or CNA week that follows!). Add it all to your Google calendar with one quick button.

Get the healthcare hashtag holiday calendar for 2022

To make the most use out of this 2021 hashtag holiday calendar for healthcare, I recommend planning your social media content calendar ahead of time. This will ensure you have a overall strategy and aren't just adding content inconsistently. With a plan, you'll pay appropriate attention to hashtag holidays that matter to your healthcare business without scrambling to pull together a social media meaningless post that serves more as filler.

If you're planning your 2021 social media content, this calendar will help make it easier. Subscribing to this calendar will also give you a chance to join my group course starting in January to plan your year's worth of social media content for your health or wellness business.

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