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New Branding Launch Day

It’s finally launch day for my digital marketing business rebranding! WM Marketing is now Sparkr Marketing.

After eight years of part time marketing consulting, I am now working full time for Sparkr. We offer full service digital marketing for small to medium size businesses and nonprofits, including: social media, content creation, website maintenance, SEO and more. Want print media? We do that too.

I’m also excited to announce that we offer one-on-one marketing coaching for small businesses and nonprofits.

Big thanks to all my cheerleaders as I take this next career step. Chief among them are Jonathan Margolin and Mindi Zissman of Zissman Media, as well as others.

The one who nagged me the most was my late father-in-law, Stephen Margolin, who saw an entrepreneur in me from the start. I’m so grateful I made him proud by making this move a few months ago, while he was still around.

Ready to spark your story? Let’s do this.

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