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Become an affiliate for The Clinicians Social Media Club

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Earn a 30% monthly commission for every new member

Help busy clinicians grow their practice with our authentic social media strategy that takes less time and effort.

Here's what clinicians get each month...

  • An easy social media course

  • Fill-in-the-blank social media captions

  • Customizable Canva templates

  • 1:1 coaching call

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See what you get each month for joining

Love our membership? Become an affiliate!

Become an affiliate to help us spread the word to your audience and clinician friends! 

We offer monthly Canva templates and social media captions designed to make marketing easy for busy clinicians. As a courtesy, you'll also get access to all the membership assets to use for your own business.


Earn monthly passive income!

The Clinicians Social Media Club Affiliate Program is 100% free to join.


Sign up to get an affiliate link with a tracking code. You'll also get easy content to help you promote the membership to clinicians.


Get 30% commissions on successful referrals.

You'll receive automatic payouts at the end of each month.

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Become an affiliate

The Social Media Clinicians Club is for...

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  • Mental health therapists

  • Private practice physicians

  • Occupational therapists

  • Physical therapists

  • Speech therapists

  • Midwives

  • Dietitians


We've worked with experts in all of these healthcare industries. We have you in mind when we create the captions and templates

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Meet your healthcare marketer, Wendy

Heyyy – I'm Wendy, and I geek out over online marketing. I'm a runner, total amateur guitar player and on any given night at least some of my 4 kids will tell you I'm a really good cook.

More than a decade ago, my passion for healthy living led to my dismay over health misinformation I was seeing online. I took my concerns to my kids' pediatrician, and I've been supporting healthcare experts with online marketing ever since.

I created this club to help more clinicians like you educate and support your audience on social media for less time and money. I can't wait to give you the tools and confidence to be authentic and engaging online. Let's reach your practice and business goals together.

Become an affiliate

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